Currently accepting new clients in person or virtually! Located in Southern Vermont, close to Southern New Hampshire and Western Massachusetts.


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C.D.E., LLC takes an inspired, sustainable approach to health and wellness with the purpose of education, motivation, and a passion for not just physical fitness but all things leading to a more fulfilled and joyful life!


Christopher Does Everything



Using science-baseed approaches, C.D.E. LLC will lead you on a personalized approach to health and wellness focusing not only on fitness, but the 7 areas of wellness for a better life!



C.D.E. LLC will inspire you to cook, craft, and create!  Cook from scratch, repurpose household items, and learn other sustainable practices! My goal is to inspire others to increase fulfillment.



When it becomes more than a hobby, it becomes  a lifestyle.  Practices, adventures, and thoughts are shared to bring you along on  my journey! I want to demonstrate a wellness-based lifestyle!

"You're the only one actually living; everyone else is just surviving."

My grandmother told me when she was 102 years old.  I want to keep living. I never want to just wait for my day to pass or live for the escape to make me happy. And I want to share this with the world!


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